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he found her alone that night
the boy who never knocked.

she lay curled up on her side
in a web of fabric and feathers
and twisted threads of restless sleep.
tears adorned her lowered lashes
but went on to stain her sunken cheeks.

even when she was at rest
it seemed that fear pursued her
causing her to catch her breath
a cruel and unfair hunter.

when her unseen guest knelt down
to whisper in her ear
she did not hear a single sound
but his words still dried her tears:

"through better or worse, i promise
that what you once held dear
will once again be precious
the smile you've had to make a lie
will shine strong and pure and true
that weakness helps you find strength
in the hearts of those you never knew you had
and finally, that good will always come
no matter how long you're sad."

he bent to her he loved so much
to kiss her tears away
though she felt not a single touch
to verify his stay

with a sigh not ever made
by any who drew breath
he went back to his watchful grave
the boy who loved her beyond death
a shade who never left her side
the boy who never knocked.
Just something that popped into my head. Well, one line did...and the rest I sort of had to build around it. Not sure where I got the idea from. Not that I have an obsession with guardian angels or anything.
feekmasterson Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
this is so beautiful. i absolutely love the title. its just... ahh words escape me lol. dark, haunting, melancholy, but absolute beauty coming through in these words. outstanding work.
Tales-of-Tao Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you so very much. ^.^ I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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