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i am a ghost town
crumbled into might-have's
between the halves
of then and history.
keep haunting me.
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 5 6
she's the plain Jane in Virginia
turned Cinderella by children's eyes.
he's Boy, he's beautiful
his lips are summer and Almond Joys,
the first pages of reread books
familiarly thrilling, hot and sweet
things to keep.
they talk about the weather,
not much else with words;
two decades of living
opposite phonetics
but give me your empathy and
i'll build a bridge
smiles from the eye, kisses
tiny twitches in your sleep.
she leaves glass slippers at the door;
it's rude to wear shoes inside,
and they've crossed the River Linguistyx.
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 8 6
Distance Denied Us Excerpt
Haunting Star Stealers
    “You were never alive,” I scorn the battered walls separating me from airlessness. “You can’t be haunting me now.”
    A sigh without breath or beating blood drips into my ears. “You’re so wrong.” The voice is guttural. “I’m hunting you, Anya Vereti. Luring you to join me in death.” Invisible nails screech savagely across the bolt hole behind me. I wince at the grating of melodrama, but to be fair shouldn’t have expected originality from a fake ghost.
    “Your acting is deplorable,” I say. “Drop the damn curtain call and show yourself already.” Then I get distracted in a live-or-die kind of way. “Or you can shut up until I get to your core drive,” I continue, making my way to the steaming dialectric alternator. “But you’re gonna have t
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 2 1
after time and magical things
i believed you, whoever you were.
flinging fictional lives
around your shoulders like a
coat worn well, it's by you
i found roots
between pages, a place
in every story.
a throne, a bed, a ship, a hammer,
a home.
tell us one more, don't go.
the world is weeping words,
memory-tears of you, for you.
villain, lover, in between,
voice of velvet heart of gold
you are our prince.
silver deer slip through the wood,
stars who lost their way
searching for your heartbeat.
dogeared books can be reread,
but a life is only once
and you touched more lives
than any bit of ink or paper
ever could because
you made magic real
forever, and
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 15 2
lepidoptera amor
autumn sinks into an ocean
a millimeter deep, and capped
with golden butterfly wings
when the scales of my wings
molder at your touch,
will i still
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 9 6
metacarpal madness
his fingertips entrance her
curved from their phalanges,
they are soft warmth.
oh, those lips are a fire,
but she can kiss freely
alone meticulous metacarpals
without conflagration or third-degree burns.
his hands are prettier than hers,
small and soft, like a girl's.
if love needs no language,
can i keep holding your hand?
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 5 3
Tanka: Ose's Atumn Moon
Autumn's moonrise sighs,
Frail over Ose River.
White roses and bone
Like a funeral pallet,
But midnight glows with its life.
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 4 1
river season
this river swells in its
emptiness of you.
i scrabble in the arid bed
and water Mother Earth.
human salt and sadness
season the drought just fine,
but i wish the clouds could rain angels.
i want you to be mine.
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 7 2
Two Stars on the Human Race
"You hear them?"
"Yes. They're screaming."
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 24 4
your skin looks like
butterscotch, and if i could
i would kiss,
sweetly, before i go.
the heavens don't match your eyes.
i'd liken those to the Pacific.
let me float away,
drink the ocean water
and cry tasteful tears
of sea-salt caramel.
goodbyes are harder
when you've never said hello.
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 13 3
WUI: Writing Under the Influence by Tales-of-Tao WUI: Writing Under the Influence :icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 5 6
Why are They so Tall?
            Japan has a tree in its name. It is a tiny country with towering things, California-sized but not flat and sand-silken. The forests are hollow, they green through the winter, Fuji is solid and snows in the summer, and buildings climb hills liked tile-horned goats born to defy acrophobia. Nihon is “Japan” in Japanese. The letters of its name mean sun origin, or sun tree. Ni () and hon (), sun and tree; the tiny, hollowly forested country stretching for the singular star in Earth’s solar system, like its mountain goat buildings, has no fear of heights. Humans fly and swim horizons just to see the tallest things in Japan.
Kinkaku-ji, the Temple of Gold (金閣寺)
            Kinkaku-ji sits alone and golden-sk
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 4 1
We are the Convention(al)
            If you’ve never been to a fan-based convention, you haven’t experienced what is truly strange. It is the world’s weirdness, the stand-outs of society conglomerating into normalcy by numbers. All who are lonely, come to the con; it shall give you comradery.
            My experience last year as a Katsucon staffer remains a happy blur of lunch breaks with the kimono model Kuniko Kanawa, the head of the Japanese Cultural Institute (JCI) doting on me like a second mother, and marrow-numbing exhaustion when all was said and done. Now, it’s been almost a week since I clocked out of the JCI staff room and I feel—older; Kuniko-san requested me as her personal assistant for the entirety of the convention, Christine is embroidered on my new staffer t-shirt and heart as the Forever Con-Mom (Dearly Departed, December 25, 1970 - March 2, 2014), and
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 3 1
After Midnight
            I was asleep when the earthquake hit. I was dreaming when two white water walls conquered the man-made ones. They quickly grew fat on the blood of the land, turned black. I don’t remember what my dreams were about. I might have been beyond reverie at that point. For me, it was 1:46 in the morning. For them, it was The End.
            I woke up seven hours later, and 11,000 people were dead. Mom made me French toast. I went to school.
            The Tōhoku earthquake was born underwater and hit Japan with a magnitude of 9.0 and only two minutes’ allowance for a nationwide warning. Tōhoku’s tsunami followed like a nightmare afterbirth averaged at 33 feet; no alert system could get the citizens high enough in time. Boats smashed into cars smashed into houses, a kaleidoscope of silt wat
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 8 7
just write, they said
but all i can do is beg
bending at the waist
scrawling on the floor
no more, please
no more

life is living too hard for these fingernails
broken-down and rotting in the wood
but what's a mess of twisting entrails,
connect-the-dot emotions and
bunsen burnt brain chemicals
to do?
:icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 5 4
My Ugly Little Fears... by Tales-of-Tao
Mature content
My Ugly Little Fears... :icontales-of-tao:Tales-of-Tao 1 6

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Hey-o~! My nickname around here is Tao (The Awkward One), but you can call me Erin if you like. I'm a former Virginian-turned-expat; I moved to Kyushu, an island in southern Japan, to teach English. Consequently, I'm not super active around here anymore (also no longer a prem...uh...core?...member, so there go my pretty sky backgrounds and suchnot). I do try to pop up every now and then, throw some scribblings around, and read/check out other talented people. Don't be afraid to shoot me a message or something! I love to talk; I'm just only semi-present on a good day. ;) If you feel like keeping up with my awkward adventures in Japan, feel free to check out my blog below!

"Rejoice, always."
Enjoy your stay. :heart:

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